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Mazarron Town

The Municipality of Mazarrón is famous for the mining richness of its land, later to thrive from agriculture and fishing.

Many settlers have contributed to the history of Mazarrón, evidence of which is found in pre-historic cave paintings, tracks left by the Phoenicians and Roman ships found o­n the sea bed of its famous port in the town of Puerto de Mazarron.

The beginning of this settlement as an independent town began in 1572 which, in the present day, shows a positive growth to a community of many different nationalities who interact on a daily basis. The majority of people who have chosen Mazarrón as their home are young families and are keen to work and mix with the locals.

The community has had all the help and support it needs from the Town Hall, which gives free Spanish lessons to all at the local schools and colleges to assist integration.

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